An employee handbook is a useful communication tool for businesses of all sizes. As well as the standard setting out of the policies, procedures, and expectations that everyone needs to know to succeed in their roles, it can also give a valuable insight into a company’s culture.

They can be physical books or printouts, delivered as part of a welcome pack when a new employee starts, or digital (the latter obviously being the more sustainable option, which is also easier to edit should things change!)

So, if you are considering creating or updating an employee handbook, there are several things you can include to ensure it gives new team members the welcome they deserve, as well as covering all the nitty, gritty detail. Here are some ideas:


You could begin with an overview of your history, mission, values, and culture. This section can help new employees understand your ethos and goals, as well as giving them a sense of what you stand for as a business and how they can get involved.

Employment policies

An outline of your company policies, including a code of conduct, is useful to include. It’s important that this information is clear to all employees from the beginning, and they are able to access it when needed.

Leave and benefits

As well as company policies, it’s a good idea to include information on all aspects of leave, such as holidays, sickness, maternity and paternity, etc. And of course any benefits, such as reward and recognition schemes, employee discounts, etc. that team members can take advantage of should be added as well.

Health and safety

It’s a requirement to have all your health and safety policies clearly detailed, and a good place to have them so they can be accessed easily is in your employee handbook!

IT and communications

Provide basic instructions on how to use the network, email, and other communication channels, including the saving and storing of files and a social media policy if you have one.

Tea list

Ok this one is just a personal preference, but what better to get to know your new team members than by knowing how they take their tea, right?

With any company handbook, the most important thing is that is covers all the legal nitty gritty and welcomes your new employees in the best possible way. We highly recommend spending time on it, ensuring it reflects the personality and ethos of your business – while also making sure it is clear, concise and avoids jargon where possible, so it is easy to read and understand!

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